DTW Podcast: Insulet CEO Petrovic sees abundance of CGM opportunities


Insulet CEO Shacey Petrovic shares vision for OmniPod insulin delivery.

Medtech start ups developing continuous glucose monitors have caught the eye of at least one potential – and powerful – partner – Insulet Corp.

In an interview with the DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast, CEO Shacey Petrovic said the maker of the OmniPod insulin-delivery device sees partnering with other companies as the likely path to creating a single device capable of reading glucose levels and delivering insulin. Insulet last year announced partnerships with DexCom and Abbott.

“There are some really interesting technologies on the horizon,” Petrovic said. “There might be 40 early-stage CGMs in development so we’ll see how the market plays out. But we couldn’t be more delighted with our partnerships with Abbott and Dexcom.”

The partnerships give Insulet access to technology that’s able to measure glucose levels in…

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