Accumold showcases injection molded micro-optics

NEWS RELEASE: Accumold demonstrates pioneering micro-optics capabilities at Photonics West event

[Photo courtesy of Accumold]

(23rd January 2024, Ankeny, IA, USA) The end of January sees leading precision and micro injection molding innovator Accumold return to the SPIE Photonics West event in San Francisco, CA, USA 27th January to 1st February.

On booth 1566 at Photonics West, Accumold will be showcasing its expertise as the world’s leading high-tech manufacturer of precision micro molded plastic components with part geometries from 5cm to less than 1mm in size. The company’s 30-plus years at the forefront of micro molding innovation ensures that it leads with expertise in insert molding, clean room molding, and 2-shot molding across materials like PEEK, Ultem, LCP, and a wide range of engineered thermoplastics.

Accumold’s history in the micro optics marketplace spans decades, and the company has proudl…

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Accumold details injection molding of thin wall cannulas

NEWS RELEASE: Injection molding of thin wall cannulas — a lesson in expertise and persistence

After 5 years of painstaking work, leading micro molding innovator Accumold has developed a way to micro injection mold thin wall cannulas in very high volumes. Previous to this innovative approach to production, cannulas were typically produced via an extrusion process, which is at the same time expensive, prone to high fall out rates, and which does not lend itself to the high volumes required by medical device OEMs for some applications.

It took Accumold 5 years to perfect the micro injection molding of thin wall cannulas at volume, and this article describes how it was done, the issues at play when micro injection molding such intricate devices, the advantages of the micro injection molding process, and what this means for medical device applications moving forward.


Micro injection molding is a precision manufacturing process that involve…

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