Access Vascular’s HydroPICC shows positive results in reducing clot formation and failures

Access Vascular this week announced positive results from a study of its HydroPICC catheter.

Billerica, Massachusetts-based Access Vascular designed the device to help reduce the most common and costly complications that are associated with vascular access procedures, including infection, thrombosis and phlebitis. The HydroPICC is constructed of a hydrophilic biomaterial with Mimix technology.

A peer-reviewed study of the HydroPICC peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) demonstrated positive results that showcased the benefits of the catheter in reducing clot formation and failures when compared to conventional polyurethane PICCs.

As part of the study, 121 patients received a PICC as part of their medical care. The study demonstrated no occlusions or replacements in the 60 HydroPICC insertions, while 13 catheter occlusions were reported in the 61 polyurethane insertions catheter group and eight outright PICC replacements (13%).

“Reducing cl…

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