Iambic Therapeutics and NVIDIA partner to slash cancer drug development timelines

Using generative AI in drug discovery, Iambic Therapeutics (formerly Entos) has advanced its IAM1363 drug candidate from program launch to clinical studies in fewer than 24 months — a process that often takes several years. Iambic Therapeutics’ AI drug development milestone relied on an alliance with NVIDIA researchers and engineers and through the use of AI tools, including NeuralPLexer, a generative AI model designed to predict the three-dimensional structure and binding interactions of protein-ligand complexes.

The company has since developed the next generation of the model, dubbed NeuralPLexer2 that boasts higher accuracy and new features for biomolecular structure prediction and drug design.

IAM1363 is a selective, brain-penetrant inhibitor designed to treat HER2-driven cancers. It is designed to target metastatic tumors throughout the body, including the brain, while offering a wider therapeutic index and reduced toxicity over existing therapies. Read more

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