How the multi-plate irradiation cLight device can accelerate cellular catalyst research

Photocatalysis technology company Acceled LLC has introduced the cLight, a cellular catalyst device suited for drug discovery and university research. According to the Pennsburg, Pennsylvania–based company, the cLight can facilitate genetic research, drug development, proteomics and diagnostics development by speeding chemical reactions with photoredox catalysis.

David MacMillan, a Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner and Princeton professor, was involved in the design of the cLight instrument. MacMillan’s lab is using the technology in cell research to further drug discovery.

The cLight supports statistical comparison between protein interaction networks.

Operating at 450 nm, the device enables users to customize time parameters, light intensity and temperature. The tight control over temperature parameters offers more flexibility when conducting biological experiments involving fragile samples. In addition, the cLight integrates uniform LED illuminati…

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