Prices of top 25 Medicare Part D drugs more than doubled since market entry; AARP offers new insights in drug pricing report

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Medicare Part D drug prices have seen a significant surge in recent years. The price of the arthritis drug Enbrel has soared 701% since its launch in 1998, and the diabetes drug Januvia has jumped 275% since its debut 2006. All in all, the average price increase for the 25 brand-name drugs with the highest Medicare Part D spending in 2021 was 226%, noted AARP in a recent drug pricing report.

Such attention-grabbing stats aren’t isolated cases, but part of a bigger picture. Almost 60% of the current list price for the top 25 drugs is a result of price increases post launch. “On average, the prices of the 25 top Medicare Part D drugs have more than tripled since they first entered the market,” said Leigh Purvis, director, health care costs and access at AARP, in a media briefing. “Some of the prices are more than eight times higher than they were when they launched.”

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