CytexOrtho wins OrthoPitch Technology Competition at AAOS 2024

A computer-generated rendering from a CytexOrtho promotional video explains the company’s orthopedic implant technology. [Image courtesy of CytexOrtho]Durham, North Carolina–based CytexOrtho won the inaugural OrthoPitch Technology Competition at AAOS 2024 this week.

A pre-clinical stage medical device company, CytexOrtho’s ReNew Hip implant is designed to restore the joint naturally rather than replace it. It’s a potential solution for active people with early hip disease who are too young for a total hip replacement, according to AAOS.

CytexOrtho founder and CEO Bradley Estes explained during the pitch competition that surgeons remove only the damaged tissue, replacing it with the implant. The implant restores the joint to its proper form and contour. The implant slowly absorbs into the body while cells move into gaps in the implant’s layers and form functional tissue. The device has FDA Breakthrough Device designation. The company is comp…

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The biggest stories from AAOS 2024

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ annual meeting offers ortho tech companies the chance to present their latest innovations, and this year’s AAOS 2024 was no exception.

The event, running Feb. 12–16 in San Francisco, saw important announcements from companies including Stryker, Smith+Nephew, Osso VR and more.

Here are some highlights from AAOS 2024:

A new app for Stryker’s Mako The Mako robotic-assisted surgery system. [Image courtesy of Stryker]The world’s largest orthopedic device company says its Mako surgical robot for ortho procedures continues to drive growth, Stryker ended 2023 with 60% of its knee replacement procedures and 34% of its hip replacements in the U.S. performed using the robotic system.

Now, Stryker says it wants to further extend a surgeon’s Mako SmartRobotics experience in and beyond the operating room. The company used AAOS 2024 to highlight its myMako app for Apple Vision Pro and iPhone.


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Stryker touts updates to Mako, introduces new joint replacement offering

The Mako robotic-assisted surgery system. [Image courtesy of Stryker]Stryker (NYSE: SYK) + today announced its plan to showcase new joint replacement technology and updates to its Mako surgical robotic platform.

This week, the orthopedic giant is displaying new advances like myMako and Triathlon Hinge at AAOS in San Francisco.

Stryker said in a news release that it wants to extend a surgeon’s Mako SmartRobotics experience in and beyond the operating room. To execute this, it developed the myMako app for Apple Vision Pro and iPhone. When used on Apple Vision Pro, myMako allows surgeons to visualize and review patients’ Mako surgical plans anytime, anywhere.

The company calls the new innovation “a brilliant, immersive visual experience.” It marks the latest potential innovation for Mako, which the company expects to continue expanding as the year goes on. About a year ago, Stryker suggested th…

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Smith+Nephew kicks off Aetos shoulder system launch at AAOS

The Aetos shoulder system. [Image courtesy of Smith+Nephew]Smith+Nephew (NYSE: SNN) + announced today that it fully launched its Aetos shoulder system in the U.S. with additional FDA clearances.

Aetos originally received FDA clearance in June 2023, bolstering the company’s upper extremity portfolio. London-based Smith+Nephew designed Aetos to restore patients’ range of motion and help minimize arthritic shoulder pain. The system features the Aetos Meta Stem designed for maximizing stability preserving bone and maintaining patient anatomy.

Smith+Nephew announced the commercial rollout at AAOS, taking place this week in San Francisco.

Full commercial availability for Aetos comes along with FDA clearance for its use with AtlasPlan 3D planning software and patient-specific instrumentation for total shoulder arthroplasty.

More about the Smith+Nephew Aetos shoulder system

Aetos is indicated for both anatomic…

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Smith+Nephew to show off new AI features for its Cori surgical robot

The Cori system with Personalized Planning and RI.Insights. [Image courtesy of Smith+Nephew]Smith+Nephew (NYSE: SNN) + announced today that it plans to “provide a glimpse into the future” of its Cori surgical robotic system.

The Cori handheld robotic system supports the entire continuum of care in knee arthroplasty. It offers a comprehensive solution for navigated total hip arthroplasty as well.

Cori’s new image-agnostic, robotic-assisted solution could further help personalize surgery and advance efficiencies. The London-based orthopedic giant feels the updates to the system help to optimize performance across its orthopedic reconstruction portfolio.

Smith+Nephew plans to offer a look at the new solutions at AAOS 2024 in San Francisco this week.

The new features from Smith+Nephew include the RI.KNEE software to enable joint line restoration and improve outcomes. Smith+Nephew first unveiled…

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Osso VR launches controller-free option for its surgical training VR

Osso VR describes Hand Control as a more intuitive alternative to the standard controls, particularly advantageous in situations where enhanced dexterity is required. [Image courtesy of Osso VR]Osso VR today announced Hand Control — a controller-free option for its virtual-reality-based surgical training system.

The Hand Control feature uses cameras in the headset to track users’ hand and figure movements within virtual reality. It leverages Meta’s latest hand-tracking APIs.

According to San Francisco–based Osso VR, Hand Control supports all standard controller interactions. Users can choose between hands-free gestures and traditional controllers.

The overall goal is to foster a more realistic training environment.

“At Osso VR, we’re all in on creating a super-realistic setup for surgeons using our devices,” said Dr. Justin Barad, an orthopedic surgeon who is the founder and CEO of Osso VR.

“Think of Hand Co…

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Smith+Nephew unveils expanded sports medicine portfolio

The CartiHeal Agili-C implant and Regeneten bioinductive implant. [Images courtesy of Smith+Nephew]Smith+Nephew (NYSE: SNN) + today announced plans to unveil new sports medicine technologies this week.

The London-based orthopedic giant plans to premiere its newly acquired CartiHeal Agili-C cartilage repair implant. Bioventus had a deal in place to acquire CartiHeal and its technology last summer. However, when that fell through, Smith+Nephew executed a $180 million buyout (with a potential $150 million to add on) in November 2023.

Smith+Nephew also plans to unveil the Regeneten bioinductive implant alongside the CartiHeal technology. All this is taking place at the AAOS Annual Meeting in San Francisco this week. The company says its technologies could transform soft tissue repair treatments compared to the current standard of care.

CartiHeal’s Agili-C implant is an accessible treatment for osteochondral lesio…

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