FDA clears 4D Medical’s lung imaging technology

4DMedical announced that it received FDA clearance for its XV Technology for analyzing functional lung impairment from a single X-ray.

Australia-based 4DMedical (formerly 4DX), which has a U.S. base in Woodland Hills, Calif., designed the XV Technology as a four-dimensional lung imaging process in the form of a software-as-a-service (Saas) diagnostic tool.

The software rapidly and automatically analyzes and applies algorithms to identify and quantify any functional lung impairment, generates a ventilation report and sends it to the hospital to enable clinicians to determine the course of action for treatment. The end-to-end process can be completed with a report within three hours.

XV Technology is not intended for replacing molecular tests as a primary diagnosis method for COVID-19, but 4DMedical believes its ventilation reports can help provide quantitative support for diagnosis and follow-up examinations, according to a news release.


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