3M Oral Care launches custom matrix for restorative procedures

3M Oral Care today launched its Filtek Matrix restorative solution for composite placement.

Dental composites are used to restore or improve the esthetics of a patient’s smile, but the gold-standard process can be long and complicated, according to 3M. Filtek Matrix uses a digital restoration design to create a patient-specific matrix that helps clinicians transfer the digital design to the patient’s teeth using dental composites.

Filtek Matrix uses additive composite techniques that require little to no tooth reduction. In one clinical evaluation, 3M said dentists reported that using the matrix increased their confidence and delivered predictable and esthetic results while also saving chair time.

“This product brings together leading material science and digital innovation to enable clinicians to predictably and efficiently transform patient smiles,” global portfolio director of 3M Oral Care Andrew Milder said in a news release. …

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