Confluent invests to expand ATI nitinol melting infrastructure

NEWS RELEASE: Confluent Announces Significant Investment in ATI Nitinol Melt Expansion

Confluent Becomes ATI’s Fulfillment Partner for Medical Nitinol

Scottsdale, AZ- Confluent Medical Technologies (Confluent) announced that it has partnered with ATI to invest more than $50 million over the next several years in ATI’s Nitinol melt and materials conversion infrastructure. With this significant investment, which will more than triple ATI’s melt capacity for medical Nitinol, Confluent will become ATI’s fulfillment partner and provide a suite of value-add services and order-fulfillment for ATI medical Nitinol mill product.

Confluent CEO and President Dean Schauer [Photo courtesy of Confluent]

“The growth in Neurovascular, Electrophysiology, Structural Heart, Peripheral Vascular, and Orthopedic device markets is driving an 18% growth rate (CAGR) in Nitinol demand. Given the substantial equipment and infrastru…
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