Mapping the more than 1,000 biotech and pharma layoffs in January 2024

[Gorodenkoff/Adobe Stock]

On the heels of a strong year of FDA approvals, there are signs in early 2024 that the biotech sector is recovering. Examples include two recent biotech IPOs, signs of investor optimism and continued M&A momentum. But the biotech sector continues to see a significant number of layoffs. Major layoffs in early 2024 include companies like Cara Therapeutics, Ikena Oncology, Pfizer, and Sana Biotechnology. In early 2024, the rate of layoff events has continued at roughly the same clip over the past several months. Altogether, there were more than 1,300 job cuts in January.

Public companies driving the most layoffs

In terms of the source of the layoffs, public companies such as Pfizer, Intellia Therapeutics, and Thermo Fisher Scientific are letting the most workers go, with more than 600 layoffs in January 2024. Next in line are clinical-stage companies such as the oncology-focused biotec…

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