Pharma 2023 half-year review reveals winners and losers

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In many ways, the economic landscape of 2023 has been turbulent. High inflation? Talent shortages? Rising costs of doing business? Volatile currency markets? New regulatory hurdles? Check, check, check. To navigate the choppy waters, a significant number of companies have turned to strategic M&A to drive growth and strengthen product pipelines. Despite these challenges, a handful of pharma companies have managed to thrive, while others have seen steep drops in sales. Here’s an analysis of the leaders and laggards among top Big Pharma pharma companies in the first half of 2023.

The analysis centers on the companies with the highest overall revenue. We looked at companies with the largest percentage change in stock prices from the start of the year to June 27, 2023. ​For context, the NASDAQ Composite Index is up about 30% so far this year.

Pharma 2023 half-year review: Top 5 w…
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