VHP 100i and 1000i systems Steris

The VHP 100i (left) and 1000i (right) systems [Image courtesy of Steris]

Steris has launched the next generation of its vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) biodecontamination systems to achieve 6-log bioburden reduction in good-manufacturing-practice pharmaceutical, medical device and research environments.

It’s possible to integrate the new VHP 100i and 1000i systems into a facility’s building automation and HVAC systems, running a decontamination cycle at programmed intervals or at the push of a button. The result, according to Steris, is easy and frequent decontamination of rooms, isolators, filling lines, RABs, pass-through chambers and more.

“The new VHP systems incorporate input received at thousands of VHP customer sites on five continents,” said Andrea Conroy, VP of marketing for Life Science Equipment and Service at Steris, said in a Sept. 9 news release. “They are engineered to streamline the user experience, offering greater configuration flexibility and ease-of-use.”

Steris VHP is different from fogging systems because it is a dry, small-molecule process compatible with a broad range of surface materials — even sensitive electronic equipment, according to the company.