Smith+NephewSmith+Nephew (NYSE:SNN) announced today that it has successfully introduced a new field sales operations and inventory automation system in the U.S. in partnership with Movemedical.

The new system is meant to help field sales reps better manage their daily inventory operations — and better serve surgeons’ needs —  boosting automation and transparency.

Real-time data will enable smooth matching of customer requirements and product availability, according to S+N.

“The Movemedical solution will help ensure that the right product gets to the right customer – and the right patient – through the provision of clean and accurate data in real-time, empowering our teams to make faster and better decisions,” said Skip Kiil, global president of orthopedics at Smith+Nephew.

“We were able to roll out the program to our entire U.S. Orthopaedic sales force in just over one week, and in the middle of a very busy selling period. This underscores the platform’s ease of integration and the execution of Movemedical’s team,” Kiil said in a news release.

Movemedica CEO Bo Molozcnik described the team at S+N as progressive and innovative. “hey want to change the industry and we are lucky to be the technology partner that helps enable their ambition.”

Smith+Nephew — and many other medical device companies — have sought new ways to boost their sales force’s ability to serve customers amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which has decreased chances for face-to-face interactions. Last fall, the London-based medical device maker signed a deal with Avail Medsystems, a startup that’s bringing a high-level telecommunication system to operating rooms and surgery centers.