OrbiMedThe healthcare investment firm OrbiMed (New York City) has added two members to its team, including Dr. Tal Zaks, the former chief medical officer (CMO) at Moderna. Zaks will be a venture partner at Orbimed. Also joining the firm is Dr. Sheila Gujrathi, who was formerly the CEO of Gossamer Bio, who will be a venture advisor at OrbiMed.

Tal Zaks

Dr. Tal Zaks

Zaks spent six years at Moderna, where he was involved in the company’s metamorphosis from private biotech to COVID-19 vaccine pioneer with a sizable research pipeline in multiple therapeutic areas.

As for Gujrathi, she has experience in various companies, including Receptos, which Celgene acquired in 2015. She has also worked as a physician and management consultant at McKinsey and held several other leadership positions. Gujrathi also serves as the director of the board at Janux Therapeutics, chair of the board of directors at ADARx Pharmaceutics and executive chair of Ventyx Biosciences.


Dr. Sheila Gujrathi

Last week, Zaks also joined the board of directors of Deep Genomics, an AI therapeutics company. Deep Genomics specializes in AI and machine learning focused on transformational nucleotide-based therapeutics for genetic diseases.

Zaks is also an independent director on the board at Teva. He began that role on October 1.