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Innovate together

Medical devices have never been more complex than they are today.

They’re getting smaller, smarter and safer. They’re more effective, intuitive and sustainable. Medical device companies manufacture some to last longer — and then redesign others for just a single sure-fire use.

Device developers have more options than ever: advanced materials, cutting-edge components and new technologies like 3D printing, artificial intelligence and robotics that lend a helping hand in the operating room and on the production line.

It’s also never been harder to go it alone.

Collaboration is more important than ever, and we at Medical Design & Outsourcing are proud to help with our latest Medical Device Handbook. We’ve tapped our in-house expertise — along with technical professionals and leaders at major medical device OEMs, contract manufacturers, suppliers and partners — to offer actionable information and advice to help medical device designers and engineers break new ground.

In this edition, we’ll once again cover a wide range of topics: components, drug delivery, manufacturing, machining, molding, materials, product design and development, regulatory, reimbursement, software, intellectual property, sterilization services and tubing. All of these articles are also available in our online Medical Device Handbook with content across all of those categories from previous handbook editions.

To highlight just a few articles, MDO readers of this year’s handbook will:

You’ll read all this and much more in our latest edition of Medical Design & Outsourcing. Enjoy — and thanks for doing your part to lift the medtech industry to new heights of collaboration and innovation.

– Jim Hammerand, Managing Editor
Medical Design & Outsourcing