More than two dozen medical technology developers are winners of the 2023 Edison Awards.

The 29 medtech winners include products from Boston Scientific, Shockwave Medical, Thermo Fisher, DermaSensor and Endiatx. They span four categories: engineering and robotics; health, medical and biotech; manufacturing and logistics; and personal technology and gadgets. Subcategories include smart wearables, noninvasive medtech, advanced drug delivery, AI-assisted medicine, operating room integration and more.

The winners are all finalists for gold, silver and bronze awards. Those awards will be revealed at the Edison Awards Gala on April 20, 2023, in Fort Myers, Florida.

Endiatx co-founder and CEO Torrey Smith with PillBot

Endiatx co-founder and CEO Torrey Smith with PillBot [Photo by Hardy Wilson for MDO]

Special honors went to Endiatx, which stands by itself as a “game changer” among the approximately 150 Edison Awards winners. Medical Design & Outsourcing featured the PillBot developer on the cover of our March 2022 magazine.

“The innovation is a breakthrough that simplifies diagnosis and treatment, which leads to a better healthcare experience for both physicians and patients, and truly embodies the solution-driven visionary spirit of Thomas Edison,” Edison Awards Director of Operations Jean Bradley told MDO. “We don’t see a game changer every year; and accordingly, being designated a game changer is the highest honor an Edison Award finalist can receive.”

Learn more about the companies and their products in the pages that follow, including information directly from their nominations.