Nextek, Inc. is a value-proven Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company providing technology-based solutions for customers with needs-driven, non-commodity circuit card assembly (CCA) and box build products. We partner with companies who have unique needs and who seek a very high level of quality, reliability and responsiveness with minimal risk. There are several industries we have been engaged with for several decades including:

Medical, Aerospace, Utilities, High-end Industrial, Energy,  Military,  High-quality Commercial, and various other business models where a minimum risk of failure is required.

Our product quality is achieved by using one of the most sophisticated labs and engineering departments in the EMS industry. All of our clients benefit from Nextek, Inc’s intrinsic quality, fast response times and extremely competitive services.

Highly complex prototype customers with high quantity, critical component placements in a compressed time frame rely on Nextek, Inc. to get it done right the first time. Nextek, Inc. has a separate totally dedicated internal prototype division that works outside of the production line yet with the same type of equipment to ease in the transition from prototype to production.

The Nextek, Inc. organization has hundreds of years of expertise in the EMS space and it shows. Approximately 90% of the organizations that visit us for qualification purposes chose us as their EMS partner. Odds are we can help you too.

Additional Info

Number of Facilities1

We are customer-centric, easy to work with and provide continuous communication to our customers.

We make constant investments in tech-nology, equipment, and skills training to maintain our position as a leader in the EMS industry. Although we routinely build standard, mixed technology prod-ucts, we have extensive experience building High Density Interconnect(HDI) Printed Circuit Board Assemblies, as well as a host of other complex, high-reliability electronics products.
We have extensive engineering, process, and materials analysis capabil-ities. We also take a proactive approach to supporting our customers early on in their product development process.

We provide design and prototype support through full-scale circuit
card assembly production, box build, and test.

We offer an advanced materials anal-ysis lab on site which is unique in the EMS industry and has proven to be in-valuable to our customers. Capabilities include 3D X-Ray Laminography with Virtual Cross Sectioning, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with EDX, Root Cause Failure Analysis (Destruc-tive and Non-Destructive), Advanced Materials and Process Controls.