duagon’s medical grade computer boards, systems and software enable our customers to shape and realize their technology roadmap.

Understanding the technical requirements for components, PCBs and systems used in a sterile hospital environment is crucial in developing products that meet the high standards for medical equipment, for example EN 60601. This is especially important for equipment used in vital applications like medical ventilators or robotic surgery, which need to be designed to safeguard the patient’s life.

duagon’s boards and systems are reliable, compact and have long-term availability. Our products range from hardware that is optimized for high-performance computing to fanless operation concepts and low-power consumption designs. Our software support includes real-time operating systems (RTOS), optional middleware-based technology and/or abstraction layer support, as well as a wide range of communication protocols.

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IEC 61375 Cyber Security
IEC 61508 Functional Safety
IEC 61601 Medical Electrical Equipment
EN1789/13718 Medical Equipment for Vehicles

Our inhouse production capabilities gives us great flexibility and ensures outstanding time to market and overall delivery times.
We design and produce electronics for medical devices, such as infusion pumps and ventilation equipment, surgical robotics, clinical and laboratory automation, medical imaging, and patient asset systems, including monitoring and patient entertainment.