Insightec updated logoInsightec raised more than $136 million in a recent funding round, according to a Form D that the incisionless surgery tech company filed today with the SEC.

The Tirat Carmel, Israel–based company — which has technology that uses MR-guided focused ultrasound to perform surgeries — had sought a total of $150 million in the money-raise. The company said 16 investors participated in the offering.

The Form D filing comes only months after Royal Philips (NYSE:PHG) announced a collaboration with Insightec to expand access to MR-guided focused ultrasound. Amsterdam-based Philips plans to develop compatibility between its advanced MR system and Insightec’s Exablate Neuro platform to expand access to MR-guided focused ultrasound for incision-less neurosurgery in treating essential tremor and other neurological disorders.

Koch Disruptive Technologies has been among the leading investors in Insightec.