Integrated Computer Solutions ICSIntegrated Computer Solutions (ICS) is establishing a dedicated medical device practice amid increased demand for complex medtech.

ICS said its work in the medical and life sciences markets has nearly doubled year-over-year as connected technologies drive innovation and transform healthcare.

“There has been extraordinary innovation and growth in the medtech sector in recent years which has only accelerated due to COVID-19,” ICS CEO Peter Winston said in a news release out yesterday.

“ICS has deep experience in UX-driven device creation which is well-suited for the safety-critical requirements of modern medical devices,” Winston said. “While developing these devices has become far more complex, it has also raised the bar and opened new possibilities for groundbreaking devices. This has led to expanded opportunity and the establishment of our dedicated medical device practice.”

ICS’s investments to establish the medical device practice include expanding cybersecurity team competencies, increased resources for regulatory compliance, enhanced cloud service capabilities, significant expansion of UX and human factors teams, and continued development and integration of rapid prototyping technologies.

ICS’s dedicated medtech practice offers end-to-end product design and development for medical device and life sciences companies such as Thermo Fisher, Quidel, Boston Scientific and MilliporeSigma. They’re helping medical companies build devices, including drug-delivery pumps, defibrillators, cancer-killing proton radiation systems, and intelligent respiratory and ventilation devices.