Getinge Servo-c ventilator
The Servo-c ventilator. [Image courtesy of Getinge]

Getinge this week launched its new Servo-c mechanical ventilator that offers lung-protective therapeutic tools for pediatric and adult patients.

The company aims for Servo-c to make healthcare accessible and affordable for more hospitals, according to a news release. Its design simplifies respiratory support, Getinge said.

“Lung protection challenges come in many shapes and sizes,” said Getinge President of Acute Care Therapies Elin Frostehav. “That is why Servo-c is designed for safe, easy and efficient use that enables personalized respiratory treatments. With the essential functionalities provided, it is ideal for hospitals in the targeted markets looking for a high acuity ventilator at an affordable price point.”

Servo-c uses modular component parts to enable smart fleet management. This ensures uptime and drives down costs without the need of proprietary disposables.

Other features include CO2 monitoring and Servo Compass. These help to visualize volume and pressure targets. Getinge’s Open Lung Tool provides trends for recruitment, assessing lung mechanics and gas exchange breath by breath. It does so in real time and retrospectively.

Getinge Medical Affairs Director Miray Kärnekull explained that Servo-c provides a smooth workflow to achieve the best outcomes. It helps to minimize interruptions along a patient’s journey.

“Designing Servo-c was as much about delivering lasting quality as it was about doing more with less,” said Kärnekull. “Like using just a few, easy-to-clean and interchangeable parts and offering preventive service agreements that maximize investments.

“Ultimately, our aim is to help keep ICUs up and running in all parts of the world, at all times, and support health care staff so that they can focus fully and confidently on caring for their patients.”