Terumo's MicroVentionTerumo (TYO:4543) subsidiary MicroVention announced today that it received FDA approval of a PMA supplement for its WEB 17 system.

Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based MicroVention’s WEB 17 system is a new addition to its WEB aneurysm embolization system for treating intracranial wide-neck bifurcation aneurysms, according to a news release.

WEB 17 features a lower profile delivery system compatible with the VIA 17 microcatheter, along with additional device configurations.

When placed in the aneurysm sac, the WEB device’s proprietary microbraid technology is designed to bridge teh aneurysm neck, disrupting blood flow and creating a scaffold for long-lasting treatment. It secured its first pre-market approval in late 2018.

“The WEB 17 System has been used to enhance care for thousands of patients globally since its initial launch in 2016,” MicroVention president & CEO Carsten Schroeder said in the release. “MicroVention is proud to bring this expanded portfolio to physicians in the United States, providing more treatment options for patients with complex aneurysms.”