Exo Exo Works
[Image from Exo]

Exo announced today that it unveiled its Exo Works point-of-care ultrasound workflow solution.

Redwood City, California-based Exo designed Exo Works to enable physicians to easily document, review, bill and manage quality assurance all from one platform within seconds.

According to a news release, Exo aims for its Exo Works platform to make it easier to manage ultrasound exams for compliance, quality assurance, credentialing and education. Its secure, cloud-based platform can be accessed by phone, tablet or web browser and it integrates with virtually any point-of-care ultrasound device and the most common EMR and hospital PACS systems.

The company designed Exo Works’ mobile-first software to reduce the time and costs associated with accurately and securely documenting patient data while providing additional tools for real-time collaboration, credentialling and tracking key program metrics for departments and individuals.

While Exo Works is device-agnostic, Exo is developing the platform in concert with its pocket-sized handheld ultrasound device.

“Speed is the core of Exo Works design. Where today’s medical software can be cumbersome, convoluted, and clunky, Exo Works is intuitive, simple and lightning-fast,” Exo CEO and Co-Founder Sandeep Akkaraju said in the release. “It’s now easier than ever to document, bill and share medical exams in seconds, freeing up physicians to focus on patient care and preventing hospital systems from losing revenue.”