evonik logoEvonik announced today that it signed an agreement for medical technology company Coopmed to distribute the epicite wound dressing.

Jena, Germany-based Evonik said Coopmed will distribute the epicite dressing made from biosynthetic cellulose exclusively to the German market for chronic wound care. Epicite represents part of the portfolio from JeNaCell, which Evonik acquired in 2021.

“We are excited to work with a highly experienced partner like Coopmed for the market development and distribution of epicite® to advance the treatment of chronic wounds,” said Dana Kralisch, GM of JeNaCell. “Together, we will work to make epicite® available to outpatients throughout Germany. We would like to thank all wound experts and professional users who supported us with case studies, practical advice and their personal experiences using the product.”

JeNaCell is designed to produce biosynthetic cellulose. The nature-identical material is suitable for wound cleansing and supporting healing for acute and chronic wounds, the company said, because of its moist microclimate.

The company launched epicite as its first product in 2017. It also develops soft tissue implants, transdermal release systems and dermatological applications. Evonik invested in JeNaCell as a startup in 2015. Following its corporate takeover, it integrated the portfolio into the Evonik health care business line.

“With epicite we can offer many outpatients a perfect alternative to hydrogels, which will no longer be covered by many health insurances in Germany from 2024,” said Hubertus Ruthmann, senior partner and co-founder of Coopmed. “Based on many years of clinical experience with epicite in burns, we are convinced that we can offer patients with chronic wounds an excellent product.”