[Image courtesy of Emerson]

Emerson (NYSE:EMR) has launched its new Clean In Place (CIP) Utilities and Automated Reporting Analytics package on its PACEdge and Movicon platforms on an industrial edge control device.

The food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries use the clean- and steam-in-place method to clean fittings, vessels, filters, pipes and other internal surfaces without disassembly.

According to the company, the software can help industrial companies digitally transform manual and semi-automated systems by reducing utility consumption and energy use while also generating automated reports to enhance operations. The software can also help optimize process manufacturing by benchmarking against known cycles. In addition, it can help process manufacturers forecast energy use as well as water and resource consumption.

The new software is also designed to provide actionable data and analytics to software, plant managers, operators and maintenance personnel.

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It provides a dashboard to enable plant managers and sustainability officers to optimize CIP cycles.

Emerson notes that the software can be customized and integrated into existing systems, or the company can provide a turn-key system incorporating hardware, software, valves and analytics.

CIP skids lack sensors and thus require manual reporting, which can introduce errors.

Emerson notes that digitally transformed CIP processes can reduce waste and optimize production by only requiring time, media, water, energy and labor for effective cleaning.

The company notes that the software is compatible with any CIP equipment.

“Emerson’s new CIP Utilities and Automated Reporting Analytics software package collects and analyzes data in real-time and presents it as a report, equipping plant managers, CIP operators, maintenance personnel and sustainability officers with the actionable insights to optimize wash cycle settings, including duration and media use, for maximum efficiency and productivity,” said Amit Patel, director digital transformation for discrete and industrial at Emerson, in a news release.

Emerson’s Automation Solutions business serves the needs of process, hybrid and discrete manufacturers.