[Image from DePuy Synthes)

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) unit DePuy Synthes announced that it launched the 2.7 mm variable angle locking compression plate (VA LCP) clavicle plate system.

West Chester, Pa.-based DePuy Synthes designed the VA LCP clavicle plate system for the treatment of lateral, shaft and medial fractures for small, medium and large clavicles.

According to a news release, the new system offers plate shapes that reflect the correlation between patient stature and clavicle size to match the bow and contour of the clavicle while accommodating a wide range of anatomic variability of the clavicle with thinner plates, a more accurate plate-to-bone fit and reduced prominence.

DePuy Synthes looked at more than 600 clavicle CT scans from a broad-based patient population while analyzing 15 different parameters on the bone to identify the correlation between patient height and clavicle shape to engineer lower profile plates with enhanced plate-to-bone fit for a broad range of patients.

The company said the VA LCP clavicle system will launch around the world this year.

“There is a tremendous need for treatment options that can accommodate the anatomic variability of the clavicle in patients who experience these types of fractures” DePuy Synthes worldwide president of trauma, extremities, CMF & animal health I.V. Hall said in the release. “We are incredibly proud to offer this new system as part of our comprehensive extremities portfolio.”