ChoiceSpine Harrier SA
The Harrier SA. [Image from ChoiceSpine]

ChoiceSpine announced today that it launched its Harrier SA lordotic offering for its standalone anterior lumbar interbody fusion system.

Knoxville, Tennessee-based ChoiceSpine designed Harrier SA as a 3D-printed, standalone, screw-based system. It incorporates the company’s proprietary BioBond porous structure technology.

Today’s launch includes the 20° lordotic offering to accompany the current 10° and 15° lordotic options. According to a news release, this provides further flexibility to the surgeon community in addressing different patient anatomies.

ChoiceSpine’s Harrier SA also features an integrated cam-locking mechanism. It includes a large graft window that the company says is “perfect” for combining with Stratofuse biologics. Additionally, it offers corticocancellous lag screws and seamless instrumentation.

“The addition of a hyperlordotic option for stand-alone ALIF procedures delivers on ChoiceSpine’s commitment to providing innovative products as the company aims to improve people’s lives with a positive customer experience,” said Keith Clements, ChoiceSpine VP of sales.