Biotronik IMDS Micro Rx microcatheter
The Micro Rx microcatheter. [Image courtesy of Biotronik]

Biotronik announced that it launched the Micro Rx catheter for enhancing guidewire support during percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI).

Interventional Medical Device Solutions (IMDS) manufactures Micro Rx and Biotronik has exclusive distribution rights. Micro Rx marks the fourth IMDS product brought to the U.S. by Biotronik, joining the NHancer Rx, TrapIT and ReCross catheters.

The Micro Rx catheter features a reinforced distal shaft with a core wire between two layers of braids for optimal push transfer. It has a tapered tip and the market’s smallest tip-leading edge for high-penetration force. The catheter’s proximal-end-stop allows for the seamless integration of a guide extension catheter for additional support, too.

IMDS designed Micro Rx to prioritize user-friendly intervention, eliminating the need for trapping. It could mitigate the risk of vascular trauma during procedures. Other capabilities could include enabling non-chronic total occlusion operators to treat more complex anatomies as well.

Biotronik says it launched Micro Rx on Feb. 8 in the U.S. and plans to roll it out in Canada next month.

“IMDS has invested its expertise and dedication into the development of the Micro Rx catheter, with a specific focus on alleviating challenges in PCI,” said Ryan Walters, President 0f Biotronik USA. “This has resulted in a state-of-the-art solution, benefiting both physicians and the patients. We are proud to bring this innovation to the U.S. market.”