BD Techcyte AI-based digital cervical cytology
The digital cervical cytology system used in the partnership. [Image courtesy of BD]



announced today that it partnered with Techcyte on AI-based guidance for cytologists and pathologists.

The strategic collaboration aims to offer an AI algorithm to guide cytologists and pathologists to efficiently and effectively identify evidence of cervical cancer and precancer using whole-slide imaging.

Franklin Lakes, New Jersey-based BD said in a news release that the agreement allows it to deliver a complete solution to reduce the potential for human error and enable greater throughput. This helps labs achieve results with greater standardization, reproducibility and efficiency from a Pap test.

Traditional Pap tests take a sample from a patient and place it on a glass slide evaluated using a microscope. A digital cervical cytology system enables the scanning of the samples. Then comes a review on a computer monitor in a lab or remote location. Additionally, the AI algorithm helps prioritize and present clinically relevant cells for visual evaluation.

Techcyte’s platform has compatibility with common liquid-based cytology (LBC) preparations. That includes the BD SurePath liquid-based Pap test vial. Techcyte’s CEO Ben Cahoon said the system helps with efficient review and better decision-making.

“There is a shortage of healthcare laboratory technicians, and the problem is particularly acute in the area of cytology. This solution helps solve for the dearth of expert cytologists by leveraging new AI-based digital technology to make the testing process efficient and bring the traditional Pap test into the 21st century,” ,” said Nikos Pavlidis, acting president of Diagnostic Solutions at BD.