Alife HealthAlife Health announced today that it raised $9.5 million in seed financing for its technology designed to improve fertility care.

San Francisco-based Alife’s AI-based technology aims to offer personalized treatment recommendations in an effort to help clinicians maximize a patient’s chances of success with in vitro fertilization (IVF) with lower costs and fewer accessibility barriers, according to a news release.

Lux Capital led the seed financing and Alife announced that Lux partner Deena Shakir will join its board as well. Participation came from Amplo, IA Ventures and Springbank Collective, Alife said.

A number of angels contributed to the funding, including Anne Wojcicki, Fred Moll, Amira Yahyaoui, Arthur Patterson, Dr. Tom Lee and the founders of Ramp and Headway, Alife said in the release.

“There are many aspects to IVF that can be improved through data-driven personalized medicine,” Alife Health founder & CEO Paxton Maeder-York said in the release. “From alleviating family planning pressure for working women to supporting family creation in the LGBTQ+ community, improving IVF has the potential to help parents realize their dreams of having a healthy child. I’ve had several family members who’ve relied on IVF and know firsthand the societal impact improving infertility care can have.”