Any medical professional that deals with complex devices on a regular basis can benefit greatly from a wide range of medical device courses offered by The Center for Professional Innovation and Education (CfPIE). Each course offered is designed to advance your career under the instruction of trained, experienced, and actively practicing professionals in the field.

Whether you need company-wide training to ensure your team is well-equipped with the latest innovative medical technologies, or you are an individual medical professional looking for new opportunities, our medical device training courses can give you the hands-on experience you’re looking for.

CfPIE Medical Device Courses at a Glance

We offer a wide range of medical device courses, each designed to enhance daily productivity through an in-depth and experiential group setting. You will enjoy lively peer-to-peer discussions in an interactive setting led by highly experienced instructors who actively work in the field. This sharing of knowledge among instructors and attendees offers various viewpoints and solutions, as well as benefits beyond the training experience to enhance daily work quality.

These courses also provide an opportunity to fulfill changing and expanding regulatory obligations. Plus, in an ever-developing world of medical technologies, you will remain up to date on the latest advancements in devices and procedures. Instruction will include details on device design and servicing requirements, as well as an in-depth look at:

  • Best practices
  • Clinical trials
  • Design control principles
  • Document management
  • FDA regulatory compliance
  • Process validation
  • Quality suppliers
  • Quality principles

Along with the 300+ public courses offered each year, any course can be customized and delivered in-house at your location.  This allows your staff to experience the course material in a familiar environment for a more robust experience.

With each one being PharmaTrain recognized, you can expect professional certification designations provided by our medical device training courses to be fully regarded by the industry with the highest recognition in medical development training. These certifications can help you achieve greater credibility and open new career opportunities.

With course capacity limits set to 20 attendees, instructors have a greater ability to share their experiences and address individual inquiries for a more personal learning environment.

Benefits of our Medical Device Training Course Certifications

At CfPIE, we offer 13 life science industry-recognized certifications within three industries. Our medical device certifications are all industry standards, and they include:

Each of these certifications in the field of medical devices can provide you with an organizational competitive advantage, as your team can keep up with industry trends, regulatory changes, and compliance updates for enhanced industry credibility. This propels professional advancement from within by driving motivation, knowledge, and morale, all through the shared knowledge and experience of industry experts that offer exceptional course instruction.

There are also cost-saving opportunities available through early medical device course registration and multiple attendee discounts. Our on-site instruction can reduce travel expenses dramatically, as our instructors come to your facility for convenience, flexibility, and the opportunity to experience training within your work environment to better incorporate the material covered.

Our Team of Medical Device Course Instructors

Each one of our course instructors actively works in their field of expertise and has industry knowledge that can only be gained from extensive experience. They come from a broad range of industries with varying backgrounds, including PhDs, university professors, patent holders, engineers, lawyers, authors, training directors, and more.

It is the expertise of such a broad team of instructors that makes our medical device training courses so comprehensive and experiential for all participants. They allow you to gain incredible insight from leading industry professionals that you otherwise may not have access to directly.

Enhance your company and your career with medical device training courses available from CfPIE and secure your future in the field with certifications that will maintain your credibility. Find the medical device course that offers convenient course formats for both virtual and in-person sessions, as well as on-site learning at your location. Achieve industry-recognized certification while learning from knowledgeable, experienced, qualified, and professional instructors.

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