Able Medical Devices Valkyrie suture system
[Image courtesy of Able Medical Devices]

Able Medical Devices announced today that it launched its Valkyrie looped sternotomy sutures for use after open heart surgery.

Marquette, Michigan-based Able Medical designed the stainless steel sutures to close a patient’s chest after open heart surgery. Compared to traditional wire sutures, Valkyrie doubles the surface area of single wires and provides a more robust sternal closure.

The sutures also come fitted with three different needle configurations and in two different sizes (48mm and 55mm).

“We are thrilled to offer another integral part to sternal closure at an affordable price to hospitals,” said Peter Didyk, managing director of Able Medical. “Offering high-quality sutures at low prices is a win for patients and healthcare providers alike.”

Able Medical’s Valkyrie sutures can work in conjunction with its Valkyrie thoracic fixation system. It stabilizes and fixates the fractures of the chest wall. This includes sternal fixation post-sternotomy and sternal reconstructive surgical procedures. These occur in patients with normal and/or poor bone, Able Medical said.

“Our focus has been getting great products to market in a timely manner,” said Katie Barron, senior program manager at Able Medical. “The looped sutures offer surgeons an alternative to traditional wire without changing their traditional closure technique.”